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Boots offer and Bourjois lip balm

I was given a £2 cosmetic voucher at Boots today. Seeing as I needed a new lip balm anyway, I bought Baume Ensoleille by Bourjois. It's very cute, with no daft extra packaging (like the 100% natural lip balms in the big display cases), and has little bits of gold sparkle in it. The texture is nice, and the colour and scent are also good.

So, what's your latest lip product purchase?
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Sk:n warning and the best dry shampoo in the world!

If you hear or read anywhere that Sk:n clinics are offering free or reduced mole checks don't believe it! All they'll do for free is ask you to fill out a massive questionnaire and refer you to a dermatologist for a consultation costing £78 (£190 for their medical director). Any treatment, or tests you need after that will be on top and are likeky to be upwards of 200 quid.

It's like the free makeover at the photo sttudio scamthat got one of my old uni mates, where they make you look beutiful, take loads of pics andthen charge you the Earth for the pics. Onlythey're not blackmailing you with pretty pictures they're blackmailing you with your health.

Unless you're prepared to pay that sort of money or you have health insurance you're better of seeing your GP who can refer you to a dermatologist for free. You may have to wait a bit longer but at least you won't be signing a blank cheque

In happier news, a friend recently introduced me to the most amazing dry shampoo! It's called Batiste and you have to look past the somewhat Grandma-esque emerald green branding but it's actually much better than Lee Stafford and only £1.99 from Wilkos xx
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Partly x-posted to evil_enablers...

I decided to bite the bullet and try Villainess, a beauty company I've heard a lot about. perfumedwaters ran a group order - great for those of us in the UK who like US e-tailers!

I'm not a big soap user, so I got a Smooch! and a Whipped! I took a shower just so I could use these... Does that make me strange? ;) Anyhoo, I got a Decadence Smooch, mainly because it's one of the cheaper ones, so I thought it was a good one to try out.

I'm surprised no one seems to talk about Decadence, because the smell is wonderful! A lovely thick vanilla that manages to not be sickly. It's so rich it almost has a chocolate note to it, though it's not chocolate scented. I guess it must just target the chocolate-recognition part of my nose! ;) I was a little surprised by how solid the scrub was, but it was easy to get out of the tub and I didn't need too much. I was also expecting it to be scrubbier. I think I would like it if it were more exfoliating, but it was very gentle. Are any of the others a little scrubbier? However, it did leave my skin feeling nice and smooth, and pleasingly not sticky. Anyway, finding it to be very gentle, I used a little bit on my face. Note: I do NOT recommend this generally, as I imagine it wouldn't be good for a lot of people. My face, however, can take quite a bit of scrubbing, and it left my facial skin feeling very soft and moisturised.

I followed this with my Whipped!, which I got in Smashing. This is meant to be pumpkin and spice scented. What I got was CINAMMON. The cinammon was really strong when first applied. Also note, I imagine anyone with sensitive skin would find that it burns. I found it tingled a bit at first, but I found that actually quite warming and good for winter. The cinammon smell does die down, though, and three hours on my skin smells lightly spicy. I have paired it with BPAL's Jack (a pumpkiny perfume), and they seem to make a great team. I might get a few more Whipped!s, because I can be quite naughty about moisturising my body - I always moisturise my face but often can't be bothered moisturising after I shower. However, if I have lots of exciting scents to play with that would make me more eager to do so!

Have you tried any interesting body products lately?
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Hi everyone :D

I've been experimenting with making my own body scrubs.

The one I'm trying first was reccommended to me over on evil_enablers. It's a straightforward mix of honey, white sugar and olive oil. I also added a few drops of perfume oil (Miss Trixie by Droplettes, which came as a freebie with a bottle of BPAL's Punkie Night a few days ago).

The consistency took a while to get right (but that was OK, because I was watching Blackadder at the same time). It's currently a slightly oily sugary mass, which is a lot thicker than the Isle of Eden scrubs that I'm trying to emulate.

And the nicest thing is that it works! :D

It isn't as luxurious as the Isle of Eden scrubs I've been using, nor anywhere near as nice as the Villainess ones that I want to buy after Christmas, but it does the job.

My next step is to find some way of improving the consistency. Although the effect is good, it's really thick and getting it out of the tub is like digging through the more cloying type of wet sand! I'm going to try glycerine and see what happens. Hopefully this will also help with the moisturising properties.

The scent worked well. I was a little worried about the honey potentially conflicting with the fruity scents in the oil, but the perfume came through loud and clear. This is a far better use for this particular perfume than putting it on my skin, as it doesn't last long and turns a bit sickly when I wear it, but the foody scent is great for a body product.

Anyone else where tried homemade body proucts or cosmetics? What did you make and how did it go? Any advice on body scrubs?

Wedding-y things

I don't think I've seen a post in this journal for a while but you don't get much more girly squee than this, so I thought I'd add it.

I've seen a gorgeous necklace that I think will go perfectly with my wedding dress, I tried it on for the second time today and could have stayed there for ages going "oooh... shiny" at the mirror but that's a bit undignified... I've asked them to put it aside for me as it's my birthday in a couple of weeks so my birthday money will be going towards it (it's quite expensive, but I think it's worth it).

Anyway, my mum is a bit concerned that it won't go because it's pearls and the dress has crystals on it, but I think they'll look good together. If you fancy a look I've added some links (although not in a pretty coded way because I don't know how).

The necklace:
(The pearls are actually more round than they appear on the website; they look more oval in the pic for some reason).

Me in the dress:
(Ignore the grumpy face - I'm not really grumpy, I'm just trying to explain to my mum how to use the camera phone).

Sorry for the slight wedding obsession, I'm a bit excited!
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US to UK conversion

People might find this useful.

I've been told before that to change a US size to a UK one, you just add 2, but I have found that this doesn't work in all cases, so I was sceptical. I have now found a more authoritative size guide.

14 ....12