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*blows dust off community*

I know some of you are fans of cats, and many of you are fans of shoes, so check these out:

How awesome are they?! And I'm not even a cat person. By Irregular Choice, they are available at Schuh. How I love Schuh.

Bought anything good and girly lately?
Right now, I am in a stage of being a bit obsessed with fashion and beauty products. Hopefully it will pass soon, as I am quite skint and can't afford to feed this obsession. But while I'm on the subject, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products with you guys.

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I recently went to Chicago, and whilst there I took advantage of the strong pound and bought myself some premium makeup. Woohoo!

I went into Sephora and could easily have spent an entire month's income... But I restrained myself. I still bought quite a lot.

I got a box set of Bare Escentuals makeup. I am a fan of pure mineral foundations, but they are hard to find as yet in the UK, and expensive. The box set I got contains 2 shades of foundation, a mineral veil to mattify and smooth the skin, and all over warm shade, brushes for concealing, blush and buffing, and a skin primer/moisturiser. It also came with a how-to DVD, but I don't think I'll be able to play it. This was the set I got.

Having bought all those foundation things, I didn't need to get anything too major at BeneFit, but I looove BeneFit, so I picked up some stuff anyway! I actually opted not to get BeneTint or High Beam, since cheape brands now seem to be doing pretty good imitations. What I got was:

Get Bent mascara - this fabulous high glamour mascara makes me look like I'm wearing false lashes!

Big Beautiful Eyes kit. I have a lot of crazy, quirky eye makeup, and I love it. But I also wanted some classy, expensive looking eye makeup for professional reasons, and this stuff really delivers. It looks classy and lasts well, giving a polished made up but not overmade look.

Color Plump in love ya - this lip pencil/plumper/colour all-in-one is great. Gives a classy look to the mouth, again for that polished professional look, and the colour is versatile so that this, along with the Big Beautiful Eyes kit, would make a handy pocket-sized makeup bag for conferences etc. I can't tell you if the plumping part works, since my mouth is quite full, but it's a nice smooth pencil.

Finally, I was tempted by Pop's Glow and Highlight cake, which gives my face a nice glow of colour. I'm all about trying to achieve a flawless, gleaming base right now!

Have you bought any exciting makeup lately?

Girly Meme

I saw this meme over on ultharkitty's journal, and since it's a girly meme, I thought we could all do it over here! :)

What color is your bra today?
I'm actually not dressed! Even though it's the afternoon! Gasp. I have lots of colourful bras, though, and no white bras at all. White is boring - and not that practical, I don't think, because it does show up under light clothes. Oh, I do have a white sports bra, but that doesn't count.

Do you swear a lot?
Quite a lot... Not a huge amount by English standards, but by American standards I am foul mouthed!

Do you burp in front of guys?
I don't burp in front of anyone - so unladylike!
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I'm not sure why, but I've developed a thing for gingham recently, and so I bought this bra:image behind cutCollapse )

I also tried on this braCollapse )

But it gave the oddest shape, and was really weird!

Right then, I think my desire for gingham is now sated.


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Ok so I might not be shopping at the moment but I did just make a great discovery when borrowing Hubby's shower gel.

Original Source's Tea Tree & Mint shower gel makes fantastic bubble bath. Really foamy and makes you feel all fresh and tingly!

Try it xx
This community has been super quiet! *tumbleweed* However, spring is a great time for all things girly! Pretty colours are in the stores, the sun is shining, and people look happier - and we all know a true girlysquee girl is nothing without a smile (and a killer handbag).

What have or will be your key purchases this spring? So far I've bought a pretty spring tunic - white with floral sprigs - a HUGE pair of sunglasses (very now!), and a headscarf (perfect for flat hair days).


Ohhh,,,,, I tried Amber by Prada,,,,,slightly floral with a touch of vanilla, spicy and earthy as well, very distinctive. It's rapturous,,,

Hooray for shopping!

Hello hello!

Today, as it was a holiday for both me and my mom, we decided to go shopping, which we haven't had a chance to do a while: a nice girly day without any men to whine about how we're taking too long in the store!

I've had a Nordstrom giftcard for over a year now, a Christmas present from my boss who shops there. It's not really my kind of place, mainly because it's so expensive! But I finally managed to spend it: I bought Philosophy's Falling in Love perfume. It's a bit fruity and sweet, but not overly so. It's nice and light, and I really like it. It only cost me a dollar and change of my own money! I also got a freebit of another one of their perfumes, Pure Grace I think it's called. Smells fresh and clean; too bad I couldn't get that, too.

All of you gals that have been raving about Lush for so long . . . I finally got a chance to go to one today! I found out recently that there's one in the Florida Mall in Orlando, so, armed with my bank giftcard from my aunt and uncle, I headed in. Wow, was I in there for a long time, and it's not even that big! But there's so much to choose from, and so many neat things to look at and smell!

I finally purchased the following:
Coalface soap, Sexy Peel soap (I treated my mom, as she kept eying it and saying she liked it lots), Christmas Party and Ne Worry Pas bath bombs, Ma Bar and Creamy Candy Bath bubble bars. They were running a special: if you spent 35 dollars you could get one of the following for free: christmas merch (like the gift sets), or a product with a date prior to December 1, 06 on the label, OR a 1/2 pound of soap, among other things.

So I got a 1/2 pound of Rock Star for free :-)

And they gave me some samples, too. The Joy of Jelly shower jelly and Almond Kisses facial moisturizer.

What a fab store!! I spent a bit much more than I set out, I think, but it was like a gift, and I don't really splurge on myself anyway.

So I had an amazing day!! Hope you did, too!


Lipfusion by Fusion Beauty

Just moments after I put this on my lips increased significantly in volume, and smoothness. Incredible!!