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If you hear or read anywhere that Sk:n clinics are offering free or reduced mole checks don't believe it! All they'll do for free is ask you to fill out a massive questionnaire and refer you to a dermatologist for a consultation costing £78 (£190 for their medical director). Any treatment, or tests you need after that will be on top and are likeky to be upwards of 200 quid.

It's like the free makeover at the photo sttudio scamthat got one of my old uni mates, where they make you look beutiful, take loads of pics andthen charge you the Earth for the pics. Onlythey're not blackmailing you with pretty pictures they're blackmailing you with your health.

Unless you're prepared to pay that sort of money or you have health insurance you're better of seeing your GP who can refer you to a dermatologist for free. You may have to wait a bit longer but at least you won't be signing a blank cheque

In happier news, a friend recently introduced me to the most amazing dry shampoo! It's called Batiste and you have to look past the somewhat Grandma-esque emerald green branding but it's actually much better than Lee Stafford and only £1.99 from Wilkos xx


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Apr. 16th, 2008 07:58 pm (UTC)
Update: I'm still waiting for Sk:n to refund me my £25 (refund-if-you-turn-up) deposit and my appointment was over a month ago! Not only that but they didn't even do anything! So my supposedly 'free' appointment has so far cost me £25 (plus interest on my credit card now!) for absolutely nothing!!

Apparently, they haven't offered the free mole check since October and can't do it any longer because they don't have the "MoleMate" advertised in Top Sante any more! They apologised for the misinformation but so far no deposit... Grrr. Spread the world girls, Sk:n are con-artists!!!

Ooh and sorry for the poor typos on the original post. I was doing it on my new phone and hadn't quite got used to the keyboard xx
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