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Partly x-posted to evil_enablers...

I decided to bite the bullet and try Villainess, a beauty company I've heard a lot about. perfumedwaters ran a group order - great for those of us in the UK who like US e-tailers!

I'm not a big soap user, so I got a Smooch! and a Whipped! I took a shower just so I could use these... Does that make me strange? ;) Anyhoo, I got a Decadence Smooch, mainly because it's one of the cheaper ones, so I thought it was a good one to try out.

I'm surprised no one seems to talk about Decadence, because the smell is wonderful! A lovely thick vanilla that manages to not be sickly. It's so rich it almost has a chocolate note to it, though it's not chocolate scented. I guess it must just target the chocolate-recognition part of my nose! ;) I was a little surprised by how solid the scrub was, but it was easy to get out of the tub and I didn't need too much. I was also expecting it to be scrubbier. I think I would like it if it were more exfoliating, but it was very gentle. Are any of the others a little scrubbier? However, it did leave my skin feeling nice and smooth, and pleasingly not sticky. Anyway, finding it to be very gentle, I used a little bit on my face. Note: I do NOT recommend this generally, as I imagine it wouldn't be good for a lot of people. My face, however, can take quite a bit of scrubbing, and it left my facial skin feeling very soft and moisturised.

I followed this with my Whipped!, which I got in Smashing. This is meant to be pumpkin and spice scented. What I got was CINAMMON. The cinammon was really strong when first applied. Also note, I imagine anyone with sensitive skin would find that it burns. I found it tingled a bit at first, but I found that actually quite warming and good for winter. The cinammon smell does die down, though, and three hours on my skin smells lightly spicy. I have paired it with BPAL's Jack (a pumpkiny perfume), and they seem to make a great team. I might get a few more Whipped!s, because I can be quite naughty about moisturising my body - I always moisturise my face but often can't be bothered moisturising after I shower. However, if I have lots of exciting scents to play with that would make me more eager to do so!

Have you tried any interesting body products lately?



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