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Hi everyone :D

I've been experimenting with making my own body scrubs.

The one I'm trying first was reccommended to me over on evil_enablers. It's a straightforward mix of honey, white sugar and olive oil. I also added a few drops of perfume oil (Miss Trixie by Droplettes, which came as a freebie with a bottle of BPAL's Punkie Night a few days ago).

The consistency took a while to get right (but that was OK, because I was watching Blackadder at the same time). It's currently a slightly oily sugary mass, which is a lot thicker than the Isle of Eden scrubs that I'm trying to emulate.

And the nicest thing is that it works! :D

It isn't as luxurious as the Isle of Eden scrubs I've been using, nor anywhere near as nice as the Villainess ones that I want to buy after Christmas, but it does the job.

My next step is to find some way of improving the consistency. Although the effect is good, it's really thick and getting it out of the tub is like digging through the more cloying type of wet sand! I'm going to try glycerine and see what happens. Hopefully this will also help with the moisturising properties.

The scent worked well. I was a little worried about the honey potentially conflicting with the fruity scents in the oil, but the perfume came through loud and clear. This is a far better use for this particular perfume than putting it on my skin, as it doesn't last long and turns a bit sickly when I wear it, but the foody scent is great for a body product.

Anyone else where tried homemade body proucts or cosmetics? What did you make and how did it go? Any advice on body scrubs?


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